"Animal Print" Silkscreen

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Silk screens, size (80 x140mm), for printing in polymer clay, prepared especially with hobbyists and craft workers in mind.

Screen printing tips:
• use an acrylic paint with the gel/toothpaste consistency (my favorite brand is Holcroft),
• don't let acrylic dry on the screen,
• wash your screen directly after usage in cool, running water (acrylics get permanent when heated), add a little bit of detergent at the end
• if you put silk screen into water container after printing, check carefully your screen is not floating on the surface of water; it should be immersed completely, otherwise acrylic dries on the surface in contact with air,
• after washing a screen leave it dry on the paper towel, don't leave "glued” by water to the sink, as photosensitive emulsion can stay on a sink when a screen dries
• be aware that some acrylic paints never dry on polymer clay - they enter into a chemical reaction with pc.

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