Blog Post & Video - by Cat Carmady May 2024

Do you sell your earrings online? Want to generate buzz for your next market?

In this Tuesday Tutorial I want to encourage you to start filming "Try On" videos for your customers. I've filmed a quick video demonstrating how I film, then finish with an example. 

Try On videos are an invaluable way for you to connect with your followers, and helps them make more confident buying decisions. 

1. Gather Your Equipment

  • Earrings 8-10 pairs recommended
  • Try on sticks 
  • A phone camera on a tripod or propped up 

Consider your backdrop, position yourself in a well lit area (natural light is best) and showcase your logo, signage or products in the background. 

2. Film 

Jump in and start filming.

You can cut, crop and edit the video later, so if you make a mistake just calmly redo that section. 

The more you do it, the easier it will be. And, it's also smart to shoot a few videos at one time and schedule the posts for when those collections drop. 

3. Edit

You can use a video editor like Inshot to edit your video and add music. Don't forget to cut and trim out any boring bits! Keep the video as short and fast moving as possible to maintain your audiences attention. They can always rewatch if they want... ie... more views for you!!

Also, if you're not confident with how you look on video, explore gently using an editor like Facetune. With this application you can edit your makeup, smooth out lines and adjust lighting... and so much more. Just go easy. You still want to come across natural. 

How to Film a Try On Video Tutorial - by Cat Carmady May 2024